I am a little over half way done!

Wow! it is amazing that I am a little over halfway done with my chemo and radiation. It seems like I was a nervous ‘newbie’ wondering if I could ever make it to this point and now I am a good ‘ol veteran who comes in, smiles and calls techs and nurses by name.  As I look back these are the things that I have learned about God, others and myself:

God IS with me even when I only hear silence

HIS hand is in this and His plan is good

People’s care for me is overwhelming at times and that is okay.

You can do A LOT of prayer in just 15 minutes if that is ALL you have to do. (Something “new” for a multi-tasker who has always had problems with praying)

Sleep is really good!

Walking in Joy makes it so much easier to deal with the everyday stress of living with cancer. It is not easy all the time, but each morning I wake up and I have the choice to make. Will I walk today in bitterness or will I walk today in joy? I am happy to report that the joy days are winning.


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